18 de Marzo, 19 horas, Asamblea Red Solidaria Popular Cáceres.

El martes 18 de marzo por la tarde, a las 19.00 horas, se realizará una asamblea informativa, de la Red de Solidaridad Popular de Cáceres, para informar sobre las Marchas de las Dignidad 22M, la despensa solidaria y el viaje a Madrid el 22 de este mes.

Hace una tarde estupenda, sal la calle, organízate y lucha, te esperamos en el Bombo de la Música.

Lugar: Bombo de la Música, del paseo de Cánovas. Cáceres.
Fecha y hora: 19 horas del 18 de Marzo de 2014.

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  • Doc:

    You always seem to have a wonderful time no matter where you are and I'm happy South Florida is proving the same!We have been having some beautiful we.aher…t.guess God knew you and your throat needed it! ; )Sanya

  • Kayo:

    , if I wanted to see them I would still be friends with them! ;)Yours sounds much more inieresttng than mine would have been anyway. Private school girls. 48%lawyers, 46% doctors and the rest of us.

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